Anderson University

Center for Innovation and Digital Learning

Makerspace Policy


The AU Makerspace is open for use by faculty, staff, and current students with a current and valid University ID. These users must accept the waiver located in the online User Registration Form found here:

• Under special circumstances outside users, members of the general public, Universities partners, and former students may use the Makerspace upon checking the waiver mentioned above as well as applying as a temporary user for each time you visit campus, found here: This also includes usage for camps, workshops and other approved events, however users under the age of 18 must have the user registration, waiver and thirdparty application signed by a consenting adult.

• Hours of use are consistently from 8:30am until 4:30pm, however these hours may be extended to times after 4:30pm, varying slightly each semester. Please visit the AU Makerspace homepage for this semester’s current hours:

• Machines, equipment, and spaces are used through reservation only through the AU Makerspace App

• Classes of 5 or more may reserve the entire Makerspace as long as no existing reservations are planned for the desired time. Entire Makerspace reservations must be submitted by emailing cidl@andersonuniversity and must be done at least 72 hours in advance of the Makerspace being needed. Reserved time may not exceed the standard open Makerspace times.

• Users may bring in materials of their own but must be reviewed first by Makerspace staff so as to not damage equipment. Please note this on the reservation form.


• Users are responsible for returning equipment, materials, and spaces to proper order and storage locations. Users are also responsible for cleaning up the work area after use as well as reporting broken or damaged equipment to Makerspace staff. Failure to follow these may result in loss of Makerspace access.

• AU is not responsible for any personal items that are left, lost, stolen, broken, or thrown away. Please be sure to maintain your personal belongings.

• Food and drinks are allowed in the Makerspace as long as it has a lid and users clean up after themselves. Please use care when around equipment.

• Music is allowed in the Makerspace as long as it is kept at a reasonable volume and does not disrupt the positive Maker environment.

• Upon a completed FDM print, users must remove the filament and place it back in the dry cabinet to prevent moisture absorption from the air as well as prepare the printer for the next user.

• Reservations take priority over restarted prints or projects. If you run out of time, please yield to the next user unless the time is available to reserve, in which case you may reserve the next available times.

• Please begin wrapping up your work before the close of the Makerspace. Do not wait until it is closing to clean up and pack up.

• The Makerspace culture is about responsibility, cooperation, compassion, and innovation. Partner with us in maintaining that culture.


• AU Makerspace staff and CIDL maintain the right to deny access to anyone who has demonstrated unsafe, harmful, or disruptive behavior.

• Always make sure you have received proper training for the machine you plan to use. Failure to do so may result in loss of Makerspace access.

• AU does not strictly enforce a safety policy, however users must observe and recognize the following recommendations for personal safety in the Makerspace:

o Closed-toes shoes are recommended

o Long-hair should be tied back to prevent tangling in machines

o Loose jewelry or clothing is not recommended

o Safety glasses, ear plugs, and gloves are not provided, but may be necessary in some instances

o Keep the floor clear of items to prevent tripping

• Room capacity is limited to 20 people with the exception of organized camps, workshops, and CEPs.

• A fire extinguisher is available beside the Glowforge laser-cutter and should be used only in case of fire.

• Do not prop open the Emergency exit door.

• For medical emergencies, call 911 and then inform a CIDL or AU Makerspace staff member.

• Non-emergency medical issues may be directed to the Thrive Wellness Center on campus:


• All Makerspace users must comply with and agree to these policies as well as those outlined in AU’s Internet and Email policy ( as well as in the student handbook: 2019.pdf

• AU Makerspace will not knowingly allow violation of copyright or licensing restrictions.

• AU Makerspace may be used for commercial purposes as long as total revenue per user does not exceed $1000/year. Commercial uses must be limited to materials provided by the user; AU will not provide services, machines, or materials for commercial uses.

• AU is not responsible for damage to computers or loss of data as a result of working with University software or hardware.

• Do not modify or alter equipment or software.

• AU does not provide warranties of any kind for services, materials, or machines, either expressed or implied.

• AU Makerspace does not guarantee confidentiality or security of personal information. If you login to a computer, make sure you log out and take your information with you.

• Machines, equipment, materials, computers, and tools in the Makerspace may only be used for lawful purposes.

o Creation of items or materials that are unsafe, harmful, dangerous, or threatening to the wellbeing of others is prohibited.

o Creation of items or materials that are in violation of others’ intellectual property right is also prohibited as outlined in AU’s policy:

• By using the AU Makerspace, you acknowledge the enforcement of the policies outlined herein as well as acknowledge the right of AU Makerspace to deny any user access to the Makerspace at any time for any reason or no reason at all.


I have read and acknowledge the policies described in this Makerspace Policy document and in the provided links and documents therein. I also acknowledge that Anderson University and its partners are not liable for any expense, loss, personal injury, or accident whereby I am involved that is not negligent or willful maliciousness by any employee or agent of the University. I will not bring any suit or claim against Anderson University or its partners as a result of any circumstance within the constraints outlined herein. I understand that University policies and rules are in effect for the duration of my use of the AU Makerspace. By using the Makerspace, I show that I agree to these policies and waive any liability placed on Anderson University or the Makerspace.